Toddler Development – Month 23 – What’s Happening This Month?

Thursday August 16, 2018


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Gaining poise and coordination.

With just a month to go before they reach another milestone, your 23-month-old toddler is moving so smoothly with plenty of confidence and coordination. They are reaching up to open doors and negotiating furniture and other obstacles. Most toddlers of this age can climb upstairs well – though usually one step at a time with both feet on the same step before they attempt the next. Whilst some at this age will be able to walk downstairs, many will still feel more confident if they turn around and go down backwards on their knees. Stair gates are still advisable if there is a chance your toddler can try the stairs ‘solo’.

Their speech is still developing almost daily, and they will be able to string a sentence of three words together- which you will be able to understand. Interestingly, you will notice that their memory is also developing and that they can now remember that they left teddy in the armchair or that Granny popped in to say ‘hello’ yesterday. Nursery rhymes are still popular at this age – particularly those with actions and can alleviate boredom on car journeys.

With plenty of energy and lots of activity, it is still nice to share quieter moments with your toddler. Books will still be a big favorite, but it is good to expand their collection – especially with books that have stories of things that they can relate to. If you are reading a story, stop in a couple of places and ask some questions about the picture on the page as this is perfect for word development. Another popular quieter activity will still be drawing, and you will be surprised how much your child’s artistic skills have developed and how well they can control the crayon or pencil – still remain vigilant because a lovely plain wall will always be tempting for your toddler to decorate!

Many toddlers of this age are ready to make the move into their own bed – often because they have tried to climb out of their cot! It is a big move so don’t do it if they are also being pottery trained. Check that their bed will be nice and safe and that no windows can be opened above it. If your child moves in their sleep, a bed guard could be good for them and they will not need a pillow yet. Of course, the main difference is that your ‘little person’ can get out of bed and come and find you in your bed – which, actually, can be lovely as long as it isn’t three in the morning! A family cuddle to start the day can be very special. If you think that they may be climbing out of bed at other times, fixing a stair gate across their bedroom doorway is a good idea.

By this stage, many toddlers can take their socks and shoes off and put them back on again- albeit often on the wrong foot! To help them know which shoe for which foot, we put a red dot on the bottom of the right shoe and a blue dot on the left which worked well. Eager for bath time, most toddlers of this age can strip off amazingly quickly and can manage to put their pajama top on if it has short sleeves. They should be in a good routine for brushing their teeth before climbing into bed ready for their bedtime story. Even if you are in a hurry, read the story slowly and don’t try to skip pages or even words because your toddler will definitely protest and after all, you want them to feel nice and relaxed and ready for sleep when they pretend to blow out the light.

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