Toddler Development – Month 22 – What’s Happening This Month?

Thursday August 16, 2018


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In tune with their feelings.

By 22 months your toddler will be in tune with their feelings and will regularly display a range of emotions. As well as happiness, sadness, and frustration… you may well detect the first signs of jealousy, which will need careful handling. If your toddler is jealous of a younger sibling taking your time, you can explain that it is tricky that they are so young and need your time whilst they feed, but what about a game of ball later whilst they sleep?

Speech is still developing rapidly, and your toddler will now start to mimic how you say a particular phrase which can be amusing! They will enjoy music and nursery rhymes which are both great for developing speech and they will enjoy dancing to music too. If you are brave enough, you can give them or make them their first musical instrument such as some maracas which they will thoroughly enjoy using. Only the bravest parents invest in a toy drum kit at this stage!

Play is still very important to them and a great deal of fun can be had with a ball. Toddlers of this age love balloons too – but beware there are often tears when one bursts because of the loud noise. Toddlers of this age enjoy going in and out of playhouses and little tents, but if you don’t have either, a labyrinth of play tunnels made from old sheets attached to chairs is just as much fun. At this stage, your toddler is probably ready for their first tricycle. Some have problems mastering the pedals so a push along one using foot power is ideal.

Toddlers at this stage are curious about other toddlers and whilst they will not play with them (this happens about three years) they will happily play alongside them. They are happy to share most of their toys (not their favorite one of course!) with their little friend and will watch them intently and mimic their actions and speech. If you are having problems at meal times with your toddler, it can be advantageous to invite a little friend over for tea (providing they eat well!) Don’t forget that eating together as a family will be a positive experience for your toddler and should be done as often as possible.

Whilst your toddler should be active enough during the day to be more than ready for a good night’s sleep, unfortunately, many at this age will experience ‘night frights’. The common theme is ‘monsters’ and although no one quite knows what causes them, it is thought that overstimulation during the day could be the cause. Don’t let your toddler watch television after tea time and do ensure that you don’t rush their bedtime routine as this will ensure that they, and of course you, sleep soundly!

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