Prenatal Development – Week 36 – What’s Happening This Week?

Sunday July 15, 2018


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Only five more weeks to go – that is if your baby does not come early or late. The reality is that only five percent of all babies are born on their expected due date

At this point in your pregnancy, you may begin feeling a bit overwhelmed. You may also find that you are beginning to experience nesting, which simply means beginning to compulsively clean and prepare your home for your baby. Some women actually find they constantly wash and fold the baby’s clothes as they wait for delivery.

You may also find your belly is becoming very itchy. This can be relieved by applying a lot of lotion. Your baby weighs about six pounds at this point and is about 13 inches from the crown of its head to its buttocks.

Your baby should have already dropped into the birth position, which can cause extra pressure on your lungs, as well as your stomach. It can also cause a slight tingling in the pelvic area, as well as the legs. You may find it a little awkward to walk because of the feeling that your baby may drop out any moment. You will also have increased backaches, as well as constipation and heartburn.

You should have a prenatal examination this week for your doctor to weigh you, check your blood pressure, collect a urine sample, check the size of your uterus, and perform an ultrasound. They will probably give you a group B streptococcus test as well, to check for an infection that about 35 percent of all adults carry, but which is usually harmless, unless it is passed on to the baby. If this happens, it can cause infections in the bloodstream, pneumonia, meningitis, and stillbirth. The risks are highest if the baby is born early, or if there is a long period of time between the water breaking and the baby being born.

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