Prenatal Development – Week 35 – What’s Happening This Week?

Sunday July 15, 2018


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You should have gained anywhere from 24 pounds to 29 pounds at this point in your pregnancy. Your baby should weigh about 5.5 pounds and is still around 12 inches (30.5cm) in length. Studies show that 99 percent of children born after the 34th week will survive. That’s mainly because of their fully developed lungs and their body’s ability to ward off mild infections.

The kidneys are now fully developed and functioning, while the liver is already processing their waste. By this time, your baby is already urinating about a pint each day because they are taking so many fluids. They are capable of sleeping and opening the eyes like a newborn baby. Your baby will store fat all over its body, the lungs are almost completely developed, and the baby will be in the head-down position, ready for delivery.

At this stage, your sleeping issues, pains, and aches are still the same. Check with your doctor or care provider regularly by now. They will monitor for dilation and effacement or thinning of the cervix. Your doctor will also check the position of the baby. It is the best time to discuss your birthing plans with your doctor as your delivery date comes closer.

You may not be sleeping well, suffer from mood swings, and become more irritable. Most of this is the result of physical discomfort. You may also suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation.

You will continue to experience contractions, but this time, these are stronger but still painless. What you may feel that can be painful or at least annoying is a numbness along the pelvis, especially while walking. At this stage, the joints in your pelvis are loosening and preparing your body for labor and childbirth.

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