Prenatal Development – Week 33 – What’s Happening This Week?

Sunday July 15, 2018


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Up to this point, you have gained anywhere from 22 to 28 pounds. During the next several weeks, expect a further weight gain of about a pound a week as your baby will more than double in size before you give birth.

At this point in your pregnancy, your baby is still about 12 inches (30.5cm) long and weighs about 4.5 pounds. The baby may have a full head of hair and developed normal sleeping patterns. However, often, this means the baby is sleeping during the day and active at night, which will make it harder for you to sleep.

The baby can hear what is going on around it, can see the inside of the womb, and has feelings. The lungs are almost completely developed, and it will be able to function properly outside of the womb now. The baby continues to develop fat and the skin turns from red to pink during this week.

You may feel as if your belly is going to pop at any moment, and it may look as if it might, but don’t worry as it will all return to normal after you deliver your baby. You may find you are excessively tired at this point in your pregnancy, suffer from Braxton Hicks contractions, as well as pelvic pain caused by the pressure your baby is putting on your pelvic area.

It is also common for women to have wildly vivid and strange dreams at this point in their pregnancy, and a decreased interest in sex.

This is a good time for you to start to think about how you will deal with the pain during delivery, and you might find it helpful to speak with your doctor about pain relief options. You may encounter a slight problem with water retention or edema. Stay hydrated to resolve this issue.

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