Prenatal Development – Week 1 – What’s Happening This Week?

Sunday July 15, 2018


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One amazing thing about becoming pregnant is that you are actually considered pregnant on the first day of your last monthly cycle, even though the egg has yet to be fertilized. This is how a doctor will calculate your due date and determine how far along you are. A pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, totaling about 40 weeks. Your first trimester is from weeks 1 through 13.

Week 1 is the first week of your cycle, and the first week doctors will count when it comes to determining how far along you are, and your due date. However, you are not technically pregnant at this point. Conception usually takes place 14 days after the first day of your period.

When your doctor is calculating your estimated due date, they will ask for the first day of your last period and add nine months to that day, plus seven more days. If you are planning on getting pregnant, this is the time for you to make sure you begin to practice healthy habits, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins containing folic acid, and ensuring that your vaccinations are up to date.

You should also make sure you are not smoking or drinking alcohol, that you cut back on your caffeine consumption, and avoid all hazardous materials. You should also talk to your doctor to ensure you are not taking prescription medications that could harm your baby, however, you should never stop taking medications without your doctor’s approval. Your doctor will be able to weigh the benefits of the medication against the chances of it affecting your baby, and make a decision whether you should continue taking the medication, or if your medication should be changed.

Preparation is the key in order for you to deal with pregnancy successfully. You have to make your womb an environment conducive to your baby’s growth – as it is where your little one will grow and develop for nine months.

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