Postnatal Development – Month 9 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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Your little one is communicating more and more in preparation for speaking. Their babbling is becoming more complex and they are using sounds, expressions, and body language to communicate with you. The more that they communicate and interact, the more apparent their personality becomes.

Your baby is able to plan and execute tasks that help coordinate their senses and motor skills, such as choosing a particular piece of food, picking it up, and putting it in their mouth. They are able to look for things that they have watched you hide and watch the path of things that fall. They’re actively learning about their environment by putting things in their mouth.

They will work on developing their fine motor skills, so one of the first things they will learn is probably passing a toy from one hand to the other without dropping it. This helps them develop hand-eye coordination. By now, your baby may be able to feed themselves. At this time, you may also be showered with lots of hugs and kisses — another milestone in your baby’s development to be remembered.

Your baby is more curious than ever before, so make sure that they are safe all the times. They want to learn about the world around them and how things in this world work. Thus, they will take things out of shelves and cabinets and leave them out. They will explore sounds by banging objects together to see what kind of noises they make. They will learn from simple activities you do every day. You’ll notice how your baby watches your every move and even tries to imitate you because this is their way of learning. Also, around this time, your baby may show a preference for toys which resemble real-life objects. Your baby will still put objects into their mouth to explore the world.

As your baby is now able to understand some simple words, it is more important than ever to talk to them and encourage them to repeat some of the words they can hear. Their first attempts will be far away from your version but encourage them to keep trying.

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