Postnatal Development – Month 7 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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Your baby will be learning about cause and effect by dropping things. They will drop things all around and wait for you to pick them up for them. Also, they will learn to predict some of your responses, for example, you will smile back when they smile at you.

Your baby finally can sit up by themselves. In the beginning, they may need to support themselves with one of their arms because sitting is challenging for them as they need to hold their head, neck, spine, and shoulders erect; they also need to learn how to balance their weight evenly. After so many failed attempts, they can finally do it; and after a couple of weeks, they will no longer need to support themselves. After learning how to sit, your baby will begin to find different ways to move around in no time, this will help develop their muscular strength and coordination, which will later help them to crawl. Some babies even creep backward because their upper body is stronger than their lower body.

Your baby has developed their gross motor skills, such as head control, kicking, creeping, and sitting; now comes the time to develop some of their fine motor skills.

They can now use their hands in a more sophisticated way. They may clap their hands, for instance, or they may also start feeding themselves. Your baby will also begin to pick up smaller objects and try to pass them from one hand to the other. You can start teaching their how to hold their cup and sip from it.

Their memory will improve as well so that now they can recall some experiences shortly after they have happened. This will enable them to be more determined about what they want. For instance, they will imitate actions they have already seen. Moreover, this will enable them to anticipate certain activities, such as bath time, bedtime, lunch, etc. You’ll also notice their new interest in toys which have doors or buttons that they can press.

They will also develop some more sophisticated ways of socializing. They’ll enjoy finding the object you have hidden for them to find, peek-a-boo will be one of their favorite games.

You will also notice how their leg muscles are now stronger so that they can bear their own weight, which is an important step to walking. Be prepared though, because standing may easily become their preferred position.

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