Postnatal Development – Month 5 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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At five months, your baby can’t yet sit on their own but they are developing their balance and muscles in preparation for this and other milestones that will appear in the near future.

Around this point, they will start rolling over, so it goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave your baby unsupervised on a bed or any other high surface. They may roll front to back or back to front. Very frequently, babies can roll only in one direction at first. Rolling over is a sign that your baby has developed strong neck and head muscles. Let your baby roll because it is important for developing the muscles which will later allow them to crawl and sit unassisted.

They may also start combining consonants, saying things like “dada,” “gaga,” “mama,” or “baba.” Although you may feel excited when you hear these words, these are not their first words because what they say still has no meaning to them yet. Basically, they are just playing with syllables. They’ll also experiment with sounds as well, so they will play with different sounds, pitch, and volume. They will also discover different sounds by dropping their toys or other objects they can grab to the floor. Now the baby will also start reaching for the objects that are out of their reach and will continue exploring the world with their mouth.

Some babies around this age start to wake up more often during nights for feeding. This happens because they are too active and distracted during the day that they don’t give much attention to feeding. During this time, your baby will be on the go. They may creep around and be too busy to play with you. Also, you’ll start to notice some traits of their personality. You may get the first glimpses and see if your baby is an adventurer or a laid-back person.

As your baby is learning and getting accustomed to the world around them, you will need to find new things or ways to entertain them. Babies learn from repetition, so if you discover a new game, be prepared to play it again and again. While your baby is learning, it is important to reinforce their behavior and efforts. So, whenever they do something, encourage them with an excited voice so that they know that their efforts have been noticed.

They should also be teething, you can protect their new teeth by wiping them gently with a damp and soft cloth.

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