Postnatal Development – Month 4 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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In month 4, if they haven’t already, your baby will learn how to communicate their disapproval. Whatever you do — picking them up, taking their toy away, placing them on their tummy, they will have their opinion about everything. And if they don’t like something, they will send you a clear message — they will scream, cry, or be fussy. These may be the first glimpses of the baby separating from you and asserting more of their own personality.

They will very often try to put toys and other things they can hold in their mouth. This appears to be their favorite way of discovering the world around them. It’s not surprising at all because the mouth is a very sensitive area, and it can tell them about the textures, temperature, or shapes of the objects around them that they are trying to understand. This will also teach your baby other oral skills, such as chewing and swallowing food.

By this time, your baby will have learned how to entertain themselves. But if they see you, they will most likely prefer your company. This is an important thing, even if your baby is able to keep themselves entertained, even for a few minutes. This will actually teach them to be an independent thinker and to be self-reliant.

They will love to play with a mirror; they will need time to understand that they are looking at themselves. Babies love this because they discover that there are other babies as well, they then try to chat with the person they see in the mirror. Your baby will also start amusing you with blowing raspberries. During this period, their development is typically focused on developing speech-related skills. By doing this, your baby actually strengths their facial muscles and learns to control their tongue and mouth so that they can work together to produce sounds.

Maybe their first teeth will start to appear. They will probably be the two bottom front teeth, followed by the two upper front teeth. When the baby’s first teeth appear, it is important to use a soft cloth to clean them.

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