Postnatal Development – Month 3 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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Your baby can recognize their parents’ faces when in a group. You can’t help but notice how their eyes widen and shine when they see you two. They will learn to maintain eye contact with you and begin to interact socially with the world around. It’s not uncommon for babies at this age to be able to read your face and sense when you are sad, happy, angry, etc. They will also recognize their parents’ voices and respond with excitement when they see you. Your baby is also becoming more sensitive to the noises around them. Unexpected noise may upset them. To encourage them to become used to these noises you can play music, read to them, or talk to them.

Your baby is sleeping less, they are anxious to learn and alert enough to enjoy some active playtime. Your baby will start to show their interest in a variety of toys, games, and certain activities. Their rattle may not be that interesting to their anymore; rattles and other dangling toys are important for your baby because they help develop their hand-eye coordination.

One of the survival reflexes babies are born with is the ability to grip objects. However, up until now, your baby hasn’t been able to do it voluntarily. Also, they’ll examine their hands, opening and closing their fingers. They will discover that their hands and fingers are separate objects and so they will look at them, bring them together and even taste them. This is how their hand-eye coordination develops. Both you and your baby will enjoy pram walks, your baby will especially enjoy playing in the light and shade while walking under trees. During that tummy time, your baby will definitely be able to raise themselves up on their arms. They may also try to crawl towards you in this position.

The baby will also start to babble, which will be another way of communicating with you. Don’t forget to respond in return. Try nursery rhymes and songs. Since babies learn from repetition, don’t overload your baby with a variety of these, stick to one or two of these songs. As you’ve been talking to your baby, they may discover that your speech is broken down into syllables, a pattern they will now use in their attempts to talk. Also, they will be able to laugh, babble, and chuckle in long chains.

Finally, it will appear that your baby has discovered their sleeping routine. They will probably sleep three times a day for about 2 hours. However, they may wake up in the night for feeding.

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