Postnatal Development – Month 12 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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Happy Birthday! It’s time to celebrate, your little one has made it through their first year!

While they appear to want to be independent, their feelings of insecurity may creep in again. They may feel anxious around strangers. When this happens, stay close to them when they need you. Since their imagination is developing quickly, they may not like being in their bed all alone and will try to keep you by their side.

By this time, your baby should sleep twice a day. But during the next few weeks you may notice how this mid-afternoon sleep is not when it should be, but about 5pm or even later; this may affect their sleep at night. If this starts to happen, you may try to limit the amount of time they spend sleeping during the day.

By now, your baby may have a few words in their vocabulary that they know the meaning of. Now is the right time to expand their vocabulary quickly because they have a better control over their mouth, tongue, and palate. Your baby will use words in isolation and will know to change their tone of voice to ask you a question. Encourage their interest in language by speaking clearly and slowly.

They may also begin to enjoy playing with other kids. However, they won’t be willing to share, and as they still can’t communicate, they will use the same methods they use with objects in their surroundings. So, they may try to pull their hair, bite them, or try to kiss them. Your baby will also start to learn how to handle different objects. For instance, you may notice how they tuck a toy under their arm to grab another.

Your baby will start trying to walk on their own although most babies achieve this when they are 13-months old. They may try to let go of your hands and furniture for a few seconds and try to make a step or two before they fall down. They will continue trying this, and it won’t take long before they eventually master this trick. In any case, your baby will only start to walk the moment they feel so inclined, no matter how much you encourage them to start doing it earlier.

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