Postnatal Development – Month 11 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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Now that your baby is becoming more sociable, after so many days spent watching and trying to imitate you, they will want to help you and engage in the same activities as you do. Although they may be distracting you more than helping you, don’t discourage them, because this is another way for them to learn.

Somewhere around this time, your baby may appear to be shy. This happens because they are becoming more socially aware and thus this makes their wary of new and unfamiliar social experiences. It’s not good to label your baby as shy because they can carry this label into adulthood. Instead, give them time to get comfortable and feel confident enough to explore these new situations.

Once your baby has understood object permanence, they can move on to problem-solving. There are lots of toys which are great for your baby at this age that require lots of concentration. Your baby may also want to be independent while doing certain tasks, and refuse your help, even when they need it.

Don’t be surprised if your baby starts expressing their opinions. That little being knows what they like and what they don’t, and they are not afraid to express that loud and clear. Somewhere around this time, your baby may be a bit picky when it comes to foods they eat, sometimes even rejecting their favorites. Moreover, they may start whining to get things they want. When this starts happening, you need to set some limits, and once you say “no,” don’t give in. Also, as your baby has a couple of teeth, they may discover that they can use them to bite. They will probably bite you first and you should discourage this behavior immediately. However, you should not react strongly and in a high-pitched voice because babies associate this with excitement.

They may have started grabbing smaller objects using their index and thumb, but by this time they may have developed a strong grip. This means that they will be able to play with a greater variety of toys because they will be able to twist and turn small parts of toys. This will also help them feed themselves as they will be able to pick up some finger foods. It’s not at all surprising that with the ability to move around and pick up small objects, they will try to eat things that are not food. Try to minimize the risk of this kind of behavior to keep your baby safe.

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