Postnatal Development – Month 10 – What’s Happening This Month?

Monday July 16, 2018


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Your baby is fast approaching toddlerhood, and it’s starting to show. In every area of development, you are beginning to see what they will be like as a small child. Babies develop at different paces, so while many babies need a little more time before walking or talking, they may develop a word or two during this month or even take their first steps. Enjoy spending time with your baby whatever stage they are at.

Somewhere around this time, your baby will develop their social skills—they will learn to wave goodbye, which is important because they will understand this element of social interaction, that when you leave someone’s company, you may give them a kiss or simply wave goodbye. This is also important because they will begin to understand social cues.

Your baby is now on-the-go, discovering new ways of moving faster; and about now, your baby will be able to stand alone. They will pull themselves up using furniture as a support and then let go of it, or they may first sit on their haunches and then move onto their feet and then straighten their legs. Now that your baby can stand up alone, it’s only a matter of time before they will start cruising around the furniture. They will be able to move around by holding on to furniture and other objects to maintain their balance.

Whether your baby is crawling or cruising, encourage them to practice by placing a toy out of reach on the floor or along a sofa or coffee table so that they can go and get it; once they have reached the goal, give plenty of praise and smiles.

You may discover how all of a sudden, your baby is afraid of almost everything, even things that they liked before. Their greatest fear may come from loud noises. This fear is actually good, it means that your baby has started to understand that there are dangers in this world which have to be avoided. You may also notice that your baby gets frustrated when they can’t communicate what they want.

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